Murthly Primary School

Murthly Primary School

Murthly Primary School

Life at Murthly Primary School

The Curriculum

At Murthly nursery we recognise that learning is lifelong and we aim to help learners develop the skills they need for learning, life and work with a real focus on literacy and numeracy and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Curriculum for Excellence aims to help every learner develop knowledge and skills which are encapsulated in the four capacities, which are Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors. 

Children will become Successful Learners by using their imagination and creativity, through tackling new experiences and learning from them. Through the development of new important skills, exploring and investigating while following their own interests. 

Children will become Confident Individuals through succeeding in their activities, having the satisfaction of an accomplished task, learning about bouncing back from setbacks and dealing safely with risk. 

Children will become Responsible Citizens through encountering different ways of seeing the world, learning to share, give and take, learning to respect themselves and others and by taking part in making decisions. 

Children will become Effective Contributors through playing together in leading or supporting roles, tackling problems, extending communication skills, taking part in sustained talking and thinking and respecting the opinion of others.

Learning in our nursery

We want children to have a memorable experience at Murthly Primary school that encourages and inspires them to achieve learning and skills in life and to aim to exceed their potential and be all they want to be now and in later life. This all starts in the nursery.